50% Off Coupon Code PDF Expert For Mac Purchase new License

50% Off Coupon Code PDF Expert For Mac Purchase new License

If you are someone who works with PDF files a lot, you would agree that there are times when you wish for more features, and that the features available worked in a certain way to make your work smoother and faster.

PDF Expert for Mac offers the ultimate solution to all your PDF needs; it is must-have PDF software for all professionals. Due to its great futures and friendly interface, PDF Expert is a favorite for professionals and Mac users all over the world. It brings a deeply satisfying experience to PDF reading and editing.PDF expert for Mac packs great features that make working with PDF files efficient and fun. Let see why PDF Expert for Mac is so great.

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Impressive Reading and Review Tools

PDF expert makes reading and reviewing PDF files as easy as a walk in the park, you have great features to help you arrange your work and take notes as you read. With PDF Expert, you can view an outline of a large document in the outline bar and easily skip to your preferred location in the document.

You can use colors to highlight different text in a document and skip to the highlighted points anytime you open that document.

PDF expert allows you to add general sticky notes to your documents and also add notes to specific points in the document. If you want to make a note about a particular definition, statement or formula in a document, you can simply click on the point and add a note. You can also add comments and expressions on the margins of your document. When reviewing a PDF document with PDF Expert, it easy to add views, corrections or opinions right there on the margins of the documents. PDF expert keeps your searches in memory so it’s easy for you to get back to them whenever you need them.

PDF expert also comes with a feature to protect your eyes and customize your reading experience. You have options to choose the day, night or sepia mode while you read. You can also use the pencil tool to annotate important points in your document and make notes as you read. All these great features coupled with a beautiful interface and easy navigation make reading and editing a nice experience.

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Sign Documents and Fill Forms

Here is another great PDF expert feature that makes working with PDF files better. If you have one of those straight forward signatures like a name and last name, then PDF expert can turn your typed name into a signature, it will provide you with fonts to choose from. You can also upload your signature as an image onto your PDF file. You can use a track pad to sign directly onto your document.

PDF expert allows easy filling of PDF forms. You can also crop pages and reduce file size using this great software.

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Redact Sensitive Information

PDF expert has great sharing options; one very important one is the feature that lets you redact sensitive or personal information on your files before sharing them. Sometimes you want to share a file with someone or a group of people but you do not require them to have access to all the information on the file. This is mostly useful for people in industries when secrecy and confidentiality of information are paramount.

Add Images and Edit PDF Files

Apart from adding emojis to margins, PDF expert has features that allow you to add images to your PDF file and also edit images. While editing the text in your PDF documents the software identifies the text style, opacity, and font and adds your new text in the same style leaving everything uniform and neat.

Get PDF Expert for A One-Time Fee

Unlike other PDF readers in its category, PDF expert is available for a onetime fee, and there are great discounts offered by numerous websites that you can benefit from. With PDF expert you get all the impressive features for life once you purchase, and you can enjoy updates as they come.

Adding a link to PDF files has never being easier.PDF expert offers a seamless experience when adding links to your documents you can also edit links and turn text into links.

Protect Sensitive Information with Password Lock PDF expert comes with a very secure password lock feature to protect your documents. Sometimes you have documents that contain financial or personal information that need to be kept a secret, or you could have company plans or information that can give the competition an edge over you. In such cases protecting your PDF file with a password is the best option.

You can simply open the PDF file, click on the file menu and set password, ensure to choose a strong password and protect your document. Only people who have the password can access your document. You can also remove a password to a file anytime you choose.

Add Stamps with Ease and Flexibility

The ability to add stamps like; approved, denied, processed, new, rejected, or paid to your PDF documents is a total lifesaver. PDF expert comes preloaded with the most frequently used stamps. You can easily add a stamp by clicking on the stamp icon on the sidebar, then choose a stamp of your choice and add it to your document. You can also adjust the size of the stamp as you see fit for your document. If you don’t find the stamp you require in the collection of stamps, you can simply create a custom stamp for your documents.PDF expert also give you an option to add stamps from your library, create stamps with date and time that auto-update, and also delete stamps when you need to.

Merge PDF Files with Seamlessly

Merging PDF files can be tasking and confusing when you have to copy and paste. With PDF Expert you have three options to merge your PDF FILEs. You can simply click on the merge option select the file you want to merge and it’s done. You can open multiple files and then drag and drop files to merge. You can also open a document, use the thumbnails tool on the toolbar, click on append file then select the new file you wish to add to the opened file then click add and you are done.

PDF expert is very easy to use; Working with PDF expert is nothing short of pleasurable. The team at Raddle has created very simple and straightforward videos and tutorials to help you make the best out of this great software. When it comes to working with PDF files its PDF expert all the way.

Note: These offers could expire at any time.

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